Recent Breedings and Litters

Bringing a Leonberger puppy into your life is a tremendous responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly. It’s important to do your research before you decide to bring a Leonberger puppy home. Leonbergers are large and powerful dogs that need a lot of care to keep them happy and healthy. The Leonberger Club of America offers many resources to help you determine if this breed is right for you.

Using this page to find a Leonberger puppy

On this page you will find reported breedings and litters, as well as Leonberger puppy availability, from our member-breeders. If you don’t see a litter coming soon near you, please check our Leonberger breeder list to find other breeders in your area to contact.

Members on our breeder list are in good standing with the Leonberger Club of America and have voluntarily agreed to adhere to our Member Practices. We encourage all prospective Leonberger puppy buyers to review and understand this document, and to discuss it with any member-breeder before moving forward with a puppy purchase.

Breedings and Litters

Reported Breedings, Litters And Leonberger puppy Availability

The following is a paid list of current breedings and available litters from US and grandfathered Canadian Leonberger Club of America member-breeders. American litters are registered with the AKC. Canadian litters are CKC-registered, but puppies can be registered with the AKC as well.

Please remember that when purchasing a puppy, the contract is between you and the Breeder. The Breeders on this list have agreed to abide by the LCA Member Practices, however the Leonberger Club of America does not warrant, explicit or implied, the quality of the puppies in the litters listed.

Updated 9/22/2023

Recent Litters

Born: 7/7/23 – 2 Males, 5 Females (3 Females available)
Sire: Ludwick’s Haithiam Of Rory Acres (Haithiam) CHIC# 181188
Dam: Quen Star Sagitta Savannah Lion Spirit (Savannah) CHIC# 162709
Kennel: Ludwick’s House of Paws, LLC
Breeder: Beverly Waites
Location: MI
Phone: 810-378-5540

Born: 7/22/23 – 8 Females (3 Females available)
Sire: Bluebonnet’s Roaring Warrior Celtchar The Gray (Gray) CHIC# 173751
Dam: Ex Animo’s Nachtkoenigin Cara Noug (Cara) CHIC# 185927
Kennel: Ex Animo
Breeder: Heide Geiger-Winings
Location: IL
Phone: 847-309-1235

Born: 7/28/23 – 3 Males, 5 Females (2 Females available)
Sire:  Cherrywood’s Cosmic Comet Chaser (Odin) CHIC# 158915
Dam: WillowTree’s Annie of the Ribbons and Roses (Annie) CHIC# 176660
Kennel:  R U Kind Kennel
Breeder: Laurie Adase
Location: WV
Phone: 304-242-6741

Born: 8/1/23 – 6 Males, 4 Females (2 Males, 2 Females available)
Sire: GCH CH Bluebonnet’s Patent Pending of Tippingpoint (Henry) CHIC# 144524
Dam: GCH CH Zoe Von Alpensee (Zoe) CHIC# 155350
Kennel: Alpengluhen
Breeder: Cynthia Steward
Location: UT
Phone: 801-726-9038

Born: 8/5/23 – 3 Males, 4 Females (1 Female available)
Sire: Ex Animo’s Gluecksprinz Super Red (Bodie) CHIC# 157569
Dam: Windswept Our Princess Marlo (Marlo) CHIC# 173214
Kennel: Harris Acres
Breeder: Brenda & Robert Cantaley
Location: IL
Phone: 630-746-9344

Born: 8/5/23 – 4 Males, 1 Female (2 Males available)
Sire: Bevards Heart of the Emerald Isle (Seamus) CHIC# 89903
Dam: Dragonslair’s Vanya the Glorious (Vanya) CHIC# 148454
Kennel: Griffin’s Nest Kennel
Breeder: Diane & Kevin Maxwell
Location: NH
Phone: 603-239-4056

Born: 8/7/23 – 6 Males, 3 Females (2 Males available)
Sire: CH Odyssey Leon Care (Odie) CHIC# 166882
Dam: CH Great Northern’s Daughter Of The Sun (Sunny) CHIC# 161568
Kennel: Great Northern Leonbergers
Breeder: Peggy Atchley
Location: MT
Phone: 406-837-5105

Born: 8/20/23 – 2 Males, 7 Females (2 Females available)
Sire: Hannesy XO Discovery Grand Aiveko (Henry) CHIC# 158281
Dam: Morning Star’s Anya (Anya) CHIC# 182401
Kennel: Morning Star Leos
Breeder: Kimberly Pittman
Location: MN
Phone: 651-503-2549

Born: 8/25/23 – 5 Males, 3 Females (2 Males, 1 Female available)
Sire:  Odyssey Leon Care (Odie) CHIC# 166882
Dam: Lowenhohle’s Xcellent Bow Chick Wow Wow (Chicka) CHIC# 166884
Kennel: Lowenhohle
Breeder: Julie Schaffert
Location: WA
Phone: 778-788-3348

Born: 8/29/23 – 4 Males, 2 Females (2 Males, 2 Females available)
Sire: Hannesy XO Discovery Grand Aiveko (Henry) CHIC# 158281
Dam: Conquest’s Darling (Darla) CHIC# 151462
Kennel: Morning Star Leos
Breeder: Kimberly Pittman
Location: MN
Phone: 651-503-2549

Born: 9/2/23 – 3 Males, 1 Female (2 Males, 1 Female available)
Sire: CH West Mtn Echos Of Our Hearts CGCA CGCU (Elliot) CHIC# 187032
Dam: CH Bluebonnet’s Roaring Alexis The Warrior Defender ATT (Lexi) CHIC# 171909
Kennel: Magnolia 
Breeder: Amy Frank
Location: TX
Phone: 281-770-4335

Born: 9/5/23 – 3 Females (2 Females available)
Sire: Ludwick’s Haithium of Rory Acres (Haithium) CHIC# 181188
Dam: CH Stony Creek’s Zia’s Starlight at DavisK (Zia) CHIC# 172756
Kennel: DavisK
Breeder: Robin Krieger
Location: MI
Phone: 810-333-5091

Recent Breedings

Bred: 8/8/23 – pregnant
Sire: Owajila Titan Aiga Marina Du Temple D’Artemis (Titan) Foreign Dog
Dam: Bluebonnet’s Roaring Arya Of Winterfell Warrior (Arya) CHIC# 176482
Kennel: Bluebonnet
Breeder: Wendy Jones
Location: TX
Phone: 832-515-1148

Bred: 8/8/23 – pregnant
Sire: Masonhaus International Harvester (Case) CHIC# 182085
Dam: Tempest Kona Island Breeze (Kona) CHIC# 176661
Kennel: Tempest
Breeder: Kirsten Dodge
Location: NY
Phone: 315-447-8922

Bred: 8/17/23 – pregnant
Sire: Dragongardens Flyin ‘High / Lowenhohle’s Xcellent We Will Rock You (Athos / Rocky) Foreign dog / CHIC# 166883
Dam: Kalahari’s Jewel of the Mokolodi (Zoe) CHIC# 178494
Kennel: Kalahari
Breeder: Julia Brady
Location: TX

Bred: 8/28/23 – pregnant
Sire: Iz Lvinogo Tsarstva Ferdinand (Ferdinand) CHIC# 182158
Dam: Baruska Khloe VD Mystisch (Khloe) CHIC# 181189
Kennel: Leonbergers of Maine
Breeder: Heidi Naylor
Location: ME
Phone: 207-650-8094

Bred: 8/30/23 
Sire: Lowenhohle’s Xcellent We Will Rock You (Rocky) CHIC# 166883
Dam: CH Desperado’s Quite Enough (Quinn) CHIC# 175041
Kennel: Ponderosa Leonbergers
Breeder: Cheryl Brown
Location: ID
Phone: 206-795-7342

Bred: 9/6/23 
Sire: Dragonslair’s Nero Augustus (Crosby) CHIC# 92571
Dam: CH Dragonslair’s Wild Thing (Joy) CHIC# 152334
Kennel: Dragonslair
Breeder: Judith Johnston
Location: OH
Phone: 440-647-4439